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From Anxiety to Love in Practical Steps

Let go of anxiety, stress and overwhelm, and open your heart to love, aliveness and happiness.

Join our warm-hearted community and feel supported and inspired as we grow together.

Practical movements and meditations that you can use right now 

Live sessions with a highly experienced meditation teacher

An online course of 25 minutes a day for 3 weeks, or at your own pace

Are you looking for inner peace and open-hearted connections with others?

 This course brings together the most effective and practical methods that I have seen in 25 years of experience, to help you let go of anxiety and other painful emotions, and open your heart.


You will learn practices to feel safer in daily life; to feel more grounded and confident in your body; and to experience the beautiful feelings of inner love and aliveness. 


Then you will learn an incredibly effective process for releasing anxiety, stress and other painful emotions through normal daily life interactions; so that every experience in your daily life will be a step towards less painful emotions and more happiness.

be inspired and supported by a community as you practice and grow together.

  • Gain 1 month of membership to our interactive community app, with weekly live sessions where you can ask question about your course experience, partner practices, group discussions and a growing library of videos.
  • You can learn more about the community here
  • The course is also sometimes available to be done together with a group, connecting each day and sharing experiences, and also doing live group sessions each week.

sample videos

All the footage for this course has been taken in the waterfalls and forests of Koh Phangan island, Thailand.

Aliveness (2 minutes)


The Feel-Ground-Love emotional release practice (12 minutes)

Course Includes:

  • 6 modules of highly effective practices and lessons (9 hours of videos)
  • 1 month membership to the interactive community app with regular group events, group discussions and a library of practices.
  • 3 Live group sessions with the facilitator (group course option)
  • Course book with concise notes to help you remember whats important

Course Outline

1) Welcome

Be inspired along your new journey, set your intentions and invite your inner strengths that support you.

2) Feeling Safe

Learn to shift towards a state of feeling safe and relaxed through specific movements that directly access and change your nervous system (vagus nerve). And then become able to monitor how safe you feel at any moment, so that you can take care of yourself.

When you feel safe, your body relaxes, and can release painful emotions much more easily and effectively. Practicing inner awareness while subconsciously feeling unsafe can actually make you dissociate from your body.

3) Grounding into your body

Deep awareness of the physical quality of the body helps you feel strong and confident, and less overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions.

Trauma and painful emotions are stored in subtle contractions in the physical body, not just at the energetic level, so grounded awareness is needed for deep release. 

You will learn and practice a series of physical movements and meditations which help you to live from a deeper state of groundedness.

4) Glimpse Unconditional Love and Aliveness

Connect to your own inner Unconditional Love and Aliveness, through meditations, movements and life activities.

Your painful emotions and trauma are not who you are, and you are not stuck with them.

But when they’ve been there all our life, its easy to believe that we are stuck with them; this belief makes us hold on to our trauma.

Feeling your own beautiful unconditional qualities helps to release this belief, release your trauma, and experience increasing happiness in daily life.

5) Release Painful Emotions and awaken Love

Learn the powerfully effective ‘Feel-Ground-Love practice for letting go of painful emotions and opening your heart to deeper love and aliveness. 

With the daily encouragement of the group and the facilitator, you will grow to integrate this powerful method as a natural approach to daily life, so that every experience in life becomes a step of releasing painful emotions and opening your heart.

6) Going Deeper

Master the powerful emotional release method by learning to release the network of contractions that hold each piece of trauma within us; and then deepen your practice in integrating this method into your daily life.

7) The way forward

A sweet closing; honoring your journey and exploring how you can help yourself to keep progressing in your journey of inner healing and expansion.

“All you need is kindfulness”
Venerable Ajahn Brahm

Facilitator: Nishan Disanayake​

Your journey to inner love can be playful and pleasant. Ive been practicing since 1998 and what I offer here is the most effective and joyful methods that I have seen.


Ive been meditating since 1998 and have learnt all the main Theravada Buddhist practices, including numerous retreats in the lineages of Ajahn Chah, Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh and others. Since 2016 I learnt to deeply enhance the effectiveness of inner healing meditation through relaxation, grounding, nervous system regulation and trauma release practices.


I have been teaching since 2003 and have guided many many healing retreats, personal healing sessions and meditation teacher trainings.


Moreover, every single day I practise exactly what I teach.


The journey to happiness is really not complicated, get to feel safe in your body, and observe your feelings with kindness.


Human connection and the Earth help a lot. 


So, lets connect and grow together.

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FREE Kind Awareness Healing Meditation

Feel safer and more grounded in your body, release anxiety and experience inner love

After 25 years of practice experience, what I guide you through in this journey is the best of what I have seen to really, practically work. 

Its an incredibly effective combination of nervous system regulation practices, somatic awareness, and ancient Buddhist meditations.

So join me, and let’s begin the journey.