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What Kind Awareness is, and Why it Works

Experience deep release of your personal blocks to joy and awakening, and learn tools for your ongoing inner journey.

With over 21 years of meditation experience and Buddhist studies, Nishan has gained deep insights into the mind and the journey to liberation. He has also gained the ability to read the emotional states of others.

You will be supported to see your own emotional blocks and use powerful practices of kind awareness to release emotional blockages and cultivate unconditional love. You will also learn the practices so that you can use them for yourself. These sessions can be done in combination with the free online course ‘Towards Awakening’.

Heal your emotional blocks, cultivate inner love, build a strong ongoing meditation practice and grow into a guide and healer to support others. After the course, you can join ongoing mentoring sessions, a vibrant graduate community and launch your career by advertising services on this site.

This profound 60-hour training will be held live online in June and in future will be held on the lush tropical island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

This course shows you powerful tools to let go of emotional blocks and cultivate unconditional love in a relaxed and effective way. From this, you will explore the changing nature of your own life, which can lead to freedom from self-expectations, peace, bliss, and liberation.

For a more powerful experience, you can do the course along with regular live sessions by the lead facilitator Nishan.

A deep emotional healing session using the powerful practices of kind awareness taught in the ‘Finding Freedom’ course. You can select any personal issue you would like to look into, and the teacher will intuitively guide you to see your own emotional blocks, let these go and cultivate unconditional love. This intuitive guidance into your emotions significantly enhances the healing.