Kind Awareness Community

Experience nourishing connections and grow towards love, aliveness and inner peace

Do you ever feel like life is sometimes a struggle of spiraling thoughts, difficult interactions with people, and feeling lost or dull?

This community is the fruit of a life long aspiration, a space that supports people to grow towards love, aliveness, inner peace and inner power. Here you can experience authentic connections with kind hearted people, and be supported andinspired by each others practices and commitment to inner growth.

My name is nishan, I have been practising meditation and inner growth practices since 1998, and the Kind Awareness practices I teach are the best of what I have experienced to truly bring people from anxiety and dullness to grounded, inner power, inner love and aliveness.

These are simple yet powerful practices, to release stuck emotions, and open your heart, by bringing awareness with kindness into the feelings in the body.

Our connection to Mother Earth is our foundation, in this community you will be supported to connect to Her, receive her grounding, nourishment and healing, and receive inspiration and support to work together for a healthy, diverse and bountiful natural world. Her aliveness is our aliveness.

We host a group gathering and partner practices every week, you will also get access to self-practice videos, weekly teaching videos, ongoing support from a teacher, and more.

Does this interest you? Join us.

Membership is €30 per month, paid quarterly (€90); if you dont love it you can receive a full refund in the first 7 days if you dont love it.

What you can experience with us

‘Awareness-Connection-Expansion’ Community Sessions (Fortnightly)

  • Group sessions guided by me (nishan). A beautiful experience of opening your heart to your own feelings, opening to connection with others, and opening to the nourishment and healing of Mother Earth. 
  • It includes guided meditations, small group authentic sharings (on awareness topics), teachings about inner growth and the opportunity to ask and receive guidance about your personal life challenges.

    Partner Practices (As much as you wish)

    • Be connected with another member of the community, to meet with them for an interactive kind awareness practice and sharing together.
    • These powerful and insightful experiences of relating to others with awareness will show you your blocks to authentic connection and help open your heart.

    Community meditation and connection sessions (Fortnightly)

    • You will be guided into a silent meditation and be supported by the group momentum to enjoy some peace and strengthen your awareness.
    • Afterwards we share and connect with each other, and because we have just meditated together our experience of connection is more authentic and nourishing.

    Inner Peace Toolkit – Short videos for feeling safe, grounded and happy

    • 5 Easy and practical 12-minute videos that you can use in the midst of daily life. Including;
    • Physical practices for shifting your nervous system to feel safer and more grounded
    • Meditations to release stress, anxiety and sadness, and open your heart to love.

    Weekly teaching and insights from nishan

    • Deepen your learning and stay inspired to practice by receiving these short videos each week offering insights from my own practice and experience.
    • We look at topics like ‘dealing with other peoples energy’, ‘processing anger’, ‘fear of love’, ‘making decisions’ etc.
    • I have had a regular and deep awareness practice for many many years, I hope that through our connection you can be inspired to also practice and experience deeper happiness.

    Community sharing space

    • Be supported to connect with the joyful feelings of gratitude and self love by joining our group that regularly shares on gratitude with each other. Gratitude for ourselves for what we have done to help ourselves, and gratitude for what we have.
    • This can help make the inner journey gentler and release identification with painful emotions.
    • Be received in your painful and pleasant feelings as they are, through a space to write about your feelings and receive responses from other kind members.

    Sri Lanka Jungle Retreat for Embodied Aliveness and heart connections (January 2024)

    Come together in-person with the beautiful community members in a deep experience of connecting to the wild aliveness in Sri Lankas jungles and wildlife, we will move and meditate while living inside a wildlife sanctuary and connecting to the animals. You will also be guided to integrate the powerful practices of kind awareness into relating with each other and from this, into your ongoing daily life.

    Small groups for deeper connection

    • We are currently creating small group experiences, where 5-7 people meet regularly over several weeks to share and support each other in relation to the general journey of life and feelings, or specific topics like ‘Connecting to Earth’, or ‘Being a facilitator for inner growth’.

    Membership is €30 per month, paid quarterly (€90); you can receive a full refund in the first 7 days if you dont love it.


    Experience nourishing connections and grow towards love, aliveness and inner peace.

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    Membership is €30 per month, paid quarterly (€90); if you dont love it you can receive a full refund in the first 7 days if you dont love it.

    Our Vision

    A loving and vibrant community that empowers and supports many people towards:

    • Continuous inner growth – By deepening kind awareness to all pleasant and painful feelings in daily life, members are continuously letting go of inner blocks and opening their hearts to more love, aliveness and inner power.
    • Authentic Connections – relationships founded on inner awareness and kindness, so that they nourish our hearts and inspire our growth
    • Connection to Mother Earth – Members grow in awareness of their bodies and the physical world, feeling ever more empowered and confident. We open ourselves to receive the healing, strength and aliveness of Earth
    • Cocreating a diverse, bountiful and wild natural world- by supporting and empowering members’ aspirations to clear their inner blocks and then work together with others for this goal.


    Membership is €30 per month, paid quarterly (€90); if you dont love it you can receive a full refund in the first 7 days if you dont love it.

    “All you need is kindfulness”
    Venerable Ajahn Brahm