Finding Freedom

A Practical Course for Self-Healing and Growth

Learn to let go of painful emotions and cultivate unconditional love in a relaxed and effective way. Then explore the changing nature of your own life; this can bring freedom from self-expectations, and lead to peace and bliss.

You can get there quicker and easier by doing the course alongside regular coaching and healing with nishan. Through these sessions, you can heal your own blockages, experience the incredible effectiveness of the techniques, and be motivated to continue.

It’s usually best to go through each section sequentially, or at least do section 1 first, but follow your heart. Please note, this is an ongoing project, and not all the summary videos are created yet.

[Observing Attitudes]

Make healing more pleasant and more effective by letting go of self-criticism and other attitudes towards our feelings.


Rationale and Method to Observing the Attitude to Feelings (video coming soon)


Feel-Ground-Love with Attitude Check – Guided Meditation [29 min] (Recommended)


Course Notes – See Section B) Healing Emotional Pains – Attitude to Feelings 

Introduction to Observing Attitudes to Feelings (Self-Judgement, Self-Criticism, Fear, Desire to Control, etc.) [18min]

Main Teaching about Attitude to Feelings [32min]


New one from alumni sessions – nishan to add here

Coronavirus – FGL with Attitude Check [34 min]



Principles of Unconditional Love (summary video coming soon)


Let’s Try! Meditation on Exploring Unconditional Love [34min]

This practice starts off with a partner discussion; it is also effective to do this on your own by using a paper to write down your points instead of saying them to a partner. The meditation afterward can also be done on your own, simply imagine a friend or colleague sitting in front of you.


Principles of Unconditional Love [30min]

Course Notes – See Section A) Nurturing Unconditional Love 

(Dhana, Sila, Bhavana)

Generosity and Virtue (summary video coming soon)

Mind Cultivation (summary video coming soon)

Detailed Explanations (coming soon)

Course Notes – See Section A) Foundations for Ongoing Healing and Growth

Note: Participant questions and comments have been removed from the recordings in order to keep their privacy.

Guidance on decision making by following your heart’s truth (including guided practice) 

Principles of teaching (not great quality audio) [60min]

Discussion about the Corona FSL [8min]

Discussion about shadow work, trigger sentences, and on healing pains to make decisions or guidance [33min]

Phra Nick’s comments about the meaning of bliss, and doing without controlling [10min]

Discussions from Day 3 March MTTC [26min] – Numerous Topics (Seeing Second Feelings, Moving Venue, Corona Issues, Decisions. Afternoon 1; How is Wim Hof Practice? Supporting students teaching journey Afternoon 2; Discuss 4R Mindfulness Practice, Sense of Humor, Sharing Merits Chant)

Lying Vs Sitting in Meditation [15 min]

Discussion about Feel Ground Love practice & the Meaning of Letting Go [63min]