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“You don’t have to harden to make hard decisions”, a mentor once said. And it’s true in my experience. But it’s also true that it can be tough to not get stressed or to not tense up when life throws us challenges. I still do. But much much less these days.

I’d be honored to share a glimpse of my journey in a session with you. I’ve been exploring vipassana and many other contemplative traditions over the last two decades. I spent the bulk of my adult life in Corporate America and in the Silicon Valley. I now offer online sessions worldwide.

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“Absolutely fantastic professional session. Charith was very helpful in terms of explaining the process and guiding me through the practice. I felt rejuvenated and relaxed afterwards. On top of this he had a fantastically relaxing voice and was very attuned to what was going on for me despite being over zoom. Would thoroughly recommend!”
– Hannah McCulley (★★★★★)

“Charith was present with a warm heart and an accommodating pleasant attitude. I loved the gentle loving approach towards what is rising in the meeting. He handled emotional issues with a kind professional approach. Thank you.”
– Nelly (★★★★★)

“Charith guided the meditation amazingly with his clear intuition. Everything was truly on point. Beautiful experience.”
– Lisa (★★★★★)

“I have tried to meditate before and had a hard time relaxing. Charith was a great guide for me to reach a point of total relaxation and flow. I would highly recommend his meditation guidance.”
– Jenny Aldridge (★★★★★)

“The session was really interesting. I loved the practice of letting go of tension, seeing the areas of tension in the body and relaxing. I loved also going to the “root chakra” just feeling the buttock. I really liked the remark regarding saying “I don’t know” when having a conflict. Overall I feel this practice requires lot of focus and will power. I think doing it in morning time is probably the best for me, when I’m very alert.”
– Nofar (★★★★★)

Charith has a very pleasant and calming voice and attitude, which create a safe and compassionate space for the session. He was very professional and well prepared and guided me through a deep healing trance. I felt really comfortable during the session and was in a very relaxed and loving space afterwards.
– Anja (★★★★★)
Thank you so much for this session, I felt safe and supported. All the process went easily and smoothly! Love the last tip at the end!
– Laetitia Laguerre (★★★★★)
Charith has such a clear and focused energy and yet he is holding space with a very loving and warm hearted presence. Our session was a beautiful unfolding process and I felt very grounded and peaceful afterwards. Thank you Charith for holding space and sharing your passion!
– Lena (★★★★★)
Very peaceful session. First half of the session which focused on the body was helpful in identifying tension locations and relaxing them. Second half about love was a little harder to get into personally.
– Udana (★★★★☆)
Going into the session my body and mind were in full speed. With Charity’s guidance I was able to fall into deep relaxation quickly. He has such a unique gift to create a safe place and guide you to explore your own inner world. Charith’s presence and voice is very soothing and listening to him you can’t help it but to feel relaxed and loved. During the meditation he helped me let go of any tension in my body and he customized it to where I had most tension. I felt very connected with my own body, mind and even the Universe. After the meditation I was filled with joy and love. I haven’t had such a good night sleep in a long time!
– Maria McCormack (★★★★★)
This Session was really changing a lot for me, I came from a very stressful time and Charith brought me back to my heartspace and took away a lot of physical tension too. Charith has a very warm and friendly voice, which always makes me feel comfortable and relax easily. It´s like every word comes straight from his heart. Also he has a very nice and smooth way to guide through the meditation. I hope this was not the last time and recommend him to anyone. Big Thumps up.
– Dario (★★★★★)
Charith is incredible. His meditations are so deep and take me into the place beyond thinking, beyond knowing, where I can dwell in the peace and stillness of my heart. He brings a ton of compassion, and a simple and profound methodology, which I believe has the potential to change many lives for the better.
– Peter Rubin (★★★★★)
Charith’s has an incredible ability to make you completely relax and notice the subtle shifts and tensions in your body which you would not be aware of otherwise. I went to the session to resolve an issue I was facing, and left approaching the whole situation from a new light. Instead of trying to fix or find an answer, his session taught me to become aware about how different thoughts made me feel inside, and thereby helped me soften the tension I felt around it, which brought new insights to the surface. His big heart and playful approach to mindfulness makes it accessible to people who have never tried it before and those who have had a lot of experience with meditation.
– Semal Luthra (★★★★★)
Charith has a very masculine and soft energy. I felt very safe and hold by him, what allowed me to go deep into my emotional pain. He guided me with so much compassion and love. I was able to release a lot and felt so light and in peace after the session. Thank you so much!
– Natascha (★★★★★)
Meditation with Charith was an enriching experience. We took an entire hour to sit comfortably, tune inward, and breath. The sound of his voice and the sound of his village in the background were my favorite parts. I had a lot going on in my life and the goal was to incorporate inner peace. This was my first time meditating at this length of time and at the end I found myself wishing it had been longer. He set the tone for the rest of my week during his mediation with his affirmations and obvious love and care for my being.
– Brittany (★★★★★)