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I believe in deep healing through vulnerability and being present. Which means being authentic to yourself and surrendering to what is. This showed me a very light and beautiful way out of my darkness.

I would like to support you on your way, share my experiences and create a safe space for you where you can surrender to whatever comes up, wants to be seen or transformed.

What I bring along is above all life experience in personal growth, compassion and love. My sessions combine guided meditation, mindfulness, energy work and intuitive gifts.

Languages: English, German.

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Natascha gently guides you into your inner energetics through this simple yet powerful meditation. She has a beautiful and soft presence, enabling you to feel held, safe and supported throughout this journey. After the session I felt filled with love, a sense of calm and joy for life.
– Sara (★★★★★)

The preamble presentation was clear, the space well held, the experience rich warm and comforting, even the dark sides. Natasha is a sweet soul, gifted guide open minded healer. It was a honor to meet her in this deep inner space. Merci!
– Patricia (★★★★★)

Natascha gave a great healing session. She was patient and calm and helped me feel safe. I felt calmer after the session and more grounded and in the present moment. I learned some tools that I can take with me in my daily life.
– Marie (★★★★★)

Thank you a lot for this amazing healing session. You have a great intuition and a nice and calm way to guide people into a deep meditation process. I felt that it was very transformative and healing to see the inner light as well as the darkness and to meet both in a save space that you created as facilitator. Thank you so much and all the best.
– Karo (★★★★★)
Feeling grateful for the guided meditation by the beautiful soul Natasha. This meditation helped me to open some new doors for me. Thankyou for your patience, calmness and love during the meditation!
– Ezra (★★★★★)
Natascha brings such a compassionate and strong feminine energy to the session. It was a very peaceful and nurturing experience. absolutely recommend her.
– Natasha (★★★★★)
Natascha has a beautiful calming energy and guided me with so much caring and compassion. I felt I could relax and trust the process completely. I would definitely recommend having a session with her if needed to release any built up energy in the body.
– Belinda (★★★★★)
My session was welcoming & much needed in releasing some stuck energy. She guided me in total relaxation, where I surrendered and trust. I was able to focus my awareness in the areas of my body that were feeling blocked or a bit of discomfort. In the end, I released a lot of energy. I opened my heart and was sweating. I felt airy and lighter in the end. Thank you kindly. This was a new kind of meditation for me to try!
– Anonymous (★★★★★)