our team

Having started out as just Nishan teaching meditation and healing, we are now a little team, with big dreams to share in the world.

Founder and Lead Facilitator
Nishan Disanayake

With over 20 years of meditation and Buddhist studies experience, Nishan has cultivated deep awareness of his own feelings and that of others, thus enabling him to guide people into their feelings and experience deep release and insight.

My childhood hero was the Buddha, I guess he still is; growing up in a Buddhist family he was part of daily life. By 1998 (aged 16) I started reading Buddhist books and meditating. This led to a rather special and beautiful experience that I then spent the next few years trying to reproduce. Eventually I learnt that this kind of ‘trying’ is a rather ineffective path to peace.

Over the years I kept learning and practicing, with the guidance of monks, lay teachers, books and friends. In 2002 I started volunteering as a meditation and Buddhism teacher for a local primary school, then later for a local temple and eventually to a weekly group at my home. All this happened in parallel with university studies and a career in engineering and later social development; many years later I started teaching meditation as a livelihood.

In the last decades I have practiced all the main forms of Theravada Buddhist meditations, focusing deeply on unconditional love, and a Vipassana meditation on awareness of feelings.

At some point I discovered that my practice became dramatically more effective by combining awareness of feelings with practices for relaxation, love and joy. Around the same time my own awareness of feelings deepened to the extent that I became aware also of other peoples feelings. So I started helping people to see their own feelings and then use kind awareness practices to let them go. The effects were so incredible that I became inspired and supported to teach more and more.

Looking back, there have been a lot of ups and downs along my journey, and life still includes emotional pain at times, but on average, each year seems to have brought more peace, bliss and happiness than ever before.
May all beings experience peace, bliss and happiness.

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Breathwork Facilitator:
Patty Turgeon

When I was 28 years old, a heart attack awakened me to step out of my comfort zone and begin an expansive journey of self-discovery. This event inspired me to move from my home in Denver, Colorado to Koh Phangan to become a student of the healing arts. Over the past two years, I have experienced and witnessed profound healing through the power of conscious connected breathing.

Our breath is the portal to open us to receive more of what the present moment has to offer. When we learn how to consciously connect to our breath with mindful awareness and breathe in specific rhythms, we can gently move into expanded states to receive guidance and insight straight to our hearts. Breathwork is a profound tool for moving emotions, upgrading limiting beliefs, unleashing creativity and connecting with Divine intelligence. I enjoy sharing these simple breathing tools that open us to guidance from within.

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Spiritual Advisor: Venerable Phra
Nick Dhammarato

As a Buddhist monk in the Theravada lineage since 2005, Venerable Phra Nick has cultivated a very deep meditation practice.

Having practiced with a range of Theravada Buddhist teachers, mainly in the Thai forest tradition, and Mahasi-style Vipassana (Insight) practice, he has done several six month silent Vipassana retreats and currently focuses on Vipassana and Metta (Unconditional Love) practice. He has also carefully studied the Tipitaka (original teachings of the Buddha) as well as modern teachings on Buddhism, meditation, and psychology.

Venerable Phra Nick attends many of the workshops and closely reviews and guides the course design and course book.