Personal Healing and
Coaching with Nishan

Experience deep release of your personal blocks to joy and awakening, and master tools for your ongoing inner journey. Available online or in-person.

By psychically reading your inner emotional and mental states, nishan will guide you through powerful practices to find and release your emotional blockages (such as sadness, anger, fear or stress) and cultivate inner bliss and unconditional love.

You will then be coached to skilfully use the same powerful practices for yourself, so that you can guide your own inner healing and growth in the future.

Nishan is the lead facilitator and founder of the Kind Awareness Meditations workshops. With over 21 years of meditation experience and Buddhist studies, Nishan has gained deep insights into the workings of the mind and the journey to liberation.

His deep inner awareness practice has resulted in an awareness of other people’s feelings as well. This allows him to gently guide you through your own specific blockages, allowing a dramatically faster process of healing and awakening.

Sessions are priced at $80 for each 1.5-2 hour session.

Learn more about Nishan here.

The work with nishan can be done in combination with the free online course ‘Finding Freedom’. This way you can learn powerful practices for free and in your own time, then with nishan you can ask questions, learn further details and experience the incredible effectiveness of the techniques while healing your own blockages. This will deepen your motivation to keep learning through the online course.


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