Personal Healing and
Coaching with Nishan

Experience deep release of your personal blocks to joy and awakening, and master tools for your ongoing inner journey. Available online or in-person.

Your body holds the answers to letting go of anxiety, stress and depression, and cultivating happiness, love and liberation.

Our bodies have accumulated a memory of painful emotions, like fear, anger, sadness, and hopelessness, and it is possible to let these go through kind awareness of the body and specific physical movements. In the process, you start to see the changing and unpredictable nature of your feelings, and how you are not fully controlling anything. This profound realisation leads to a deep inner peace, happiness and aliveness.

Feeling safe and grounded in your body is the foundation for accessing your stored emotions, we first work on this through specific movements, meditations and learning to hold boundaries.

Then,  for any area of your life that you choose, such as romance, work, health or relationships, I intuitively find the specific emotional blocks that hold you back, and then help you to release these through the powerful tools of kind awareness.

You will also receive videos to help you learn these powerful tools for yourself, so that you can use every experience in daily life as an opportunity to let go of painful emotions and open your heart to love and liberation.

Costs: A long term approach to your inner growth yields the best results. You can purchase a set of 3 sessions for $310 or try out a single session for $130.

Each session is 2 hours of deep inner growth, you will also receive a 5-video toolkit for self practice.


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